Sunday, June 26, 2016

Say Bye Bye to CELLULITE

Hey Ladies!! Hey Mommas!! Hey beautiful women of the World!! 

 SO Happy you stopped by, I feel happy to share with you some of my favorite tips and products on how to SAY Bye Bye to Cellulite for Good!!

My name is Violet Moon, I have been pregnant three times with three beautiful 8.5 lb baby boys.

    I had a hard time with Cellulite and Stretch marks until I started doing THREE Things:

 1. Dry Brushing my Skin with a Skin brush.

 2. I started using: TREATS BUTTER YOUR MUFFIN CELLULITE  Cream And Body SCRUB!! These two items are Must-Haves if you really would like to kick your Cellulite to the Curb Ladies.

3. I started using TREATS:  SOFT CANDY Body Cream  for silky cellulite -free SKIN (the smell is soo divine) Your hubby or boyfriend is going to want to eat you up! ;-)

Enjoy these treasures ladies, I hope they serve you well like they have me!!  #CHEERS, 
Violet Moon

Time to Say BYE BYE CELLULITE Once and For All!